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This cozy tiny home features a floor-to-ceiling window that seamlessly connects the indoors with the outdoors

mountain refuge exterior front 1b mountain refuge exterior front 1b
The Mountain Refuge is a tiny home startup company built by two Italian Architects.
The Mountain Refuge
  • The Mountain Refuge is a prefabricated tiny home that features floor-to-ceiling windows and a cozy design.
  • The open-concept cabin was designed by two Italian architects who were inspired by traditional mountain shelters in the Alps. 
  • The architects estimate that the home will cost between $45,000 and $57,000 once it's on the market.
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11选5精准杀号法 is an ideal place to escape.

The prefabricated tiny home is complete with a sloped roof and a floor-to-ceiling window that naturally bridges the indoors with the outdoors.

The cabin was designed by two Italian architects, Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi, who were inspired by traditional mountain shelters in the Alps. Together, they built a startup — named after the cabin design, The Mountain Refuge — to bring their idea to the market. 

"Refuge aims to find balance between sustainability and design," Gnocchi said in an email to Insider.  

Although the cabin's design complements a mountain landscape, its open layout makes for amazing views no matter the terrain  — which is fitting because the goal of Gnocchi and Danesi's startup is to make the prefab home available to buyers around the world.

mountain refuge interior 1b
The cabin features an open-layout design.
The Mountain Refuge

The architects designed The Mountain Refuge to have an open layout where the kitchen naturally connects to the living room and bedroom. The original cabin design is about 269 square feet, but buyers can choose to have the cabin built with an additional module that will increase the home's size to around 400 square feet.

11选5精准杀号法This addition could be used to expand the living space or create a separate bedroom.

The architects estimate that the home, including the additional module, will cost between $45,000 and $57,000. 

mountain refuge bathromm
The simple, but elegant, bathroom is customizable.
The Mountain Refuge

Gnocchi also said that the cabin design includes several sustainable features, such as a sloped roof that can house solar cells. The design also gives homeowners the ability to collect and store rainwater, which could allow the cabin to exist off-the-grid — meaning that it could be self-sustained and rely solely on renewable resources. 

This could be appealing to prospective , as many people who decide to move into the miniature homes do so to .  

mountain refuge exterior 2
Designed for the mountains, the prefab home could be built anywhere.
The Mountain Refuge

The architects told Insider that they're working with construction companies to get the design to the market.

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